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How to Register for Classes

Number of Classes


$50 for each 4-week Adult class.

*Join our volunteer group for class discounts.


$75 for any two or more classes.

*Join our volunteer group for class discounts.


If you have questions, please contact jitterbugs@jitterbugs.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your classes?

  • Online classes are free. If you register for one class per week, the cost is $50 for the month. If you want to register for two or more classes, the cost is $75 for an unlimited monthly pass.

Where are your classes?

  • Classes are taught at the FOE Eagles #38 at 24th and Douglas.

I missed the first class; can I still join? 

  • Usually, if you miss the first class, you can catch on ok if you join during the second class. After that, it’s more difficult to catch up, so check with the teachers for this information.

Are kids/children allowed?

  • We offer Junior Jitterbugs for kids in grades 5-9 and Itsy Bitsy Jitterbugs for kids ages 4-8. Adult classes are best for high school age and up.

Do you have a group discount?

Do I need a partner?

  • No. Most students arrive solo and you will be partnered up during class and rotate partners often.

How do I get the most out of my classes?

  • Show up (that’s usually the hardest part!), relax, ask questions, and have fun.  Try to practice between classes if you can.

What music should I use to practice?

  • Listen to the “Lindy in the Park 2017 — Omaha Jitterbugs” playlist on Spotify.  You can create a free account.

What’s the cancellation policy? 

What if I need to cancel a class series I’ve already signed up for?

How do I know what class to take?

  • If you have no social dance experience, start with “Dancing with Two Left Feet” or “Intro to Swing.”  You can start with “Beginning Lindy Hop” as well.  Contact jitterbugs@jitterbugs.org to explain your situation and we can guide you through.

Why Omaha Jitterbugs? 

It’s easy to try.

Swing dance is for everyone! You can start anytime at our weekly Friday lesson and dance, where learning is easy, affordable, and fun.

It’s a welcoming community.

Meet new people and find community in Omaha and around the world. Social dances, rotating classes, and worldwide events foster serendipitous connections.

It’s life-changing.

Our programs nourish the human spirit. Health improves, confidence boosts, and people grow. Nowhere else can you find creativity, exercise, social connection, and fun all in one place. 

Omaha Jitterbugs