Spread Joy.
Change Lives.

Does a swing out really change a life? We think so.

Your support helps Omaha Jitterbugs…

Dancing Supports Health

Improve mental and physical health

Cultivate social and communication skills

Foster personal expression and creativity

Connect across diversity

Conserve an American art form

3 Ways to Support Jitterbugs 


Join the 60+ members of JIVE—Jitterbugs Investing Volunteer Efforts—to donate your time and talent! 


Your organization can support Jitterbugs by underwriting our programs. 

Your Support Makes a Difference 


Adults and Children Served Weekly


Social Dances Annually


Live Music Events Annually

I love Omaha Jitterbugs! At 74 years of age, I still go and dance all night! All different ages and different styles dance together which makes it even more fun. No one judges; we all just have fun and dance.


Connie McMillian

Our Partners

We’re fortunate to work with partners—foundations, community organizations, and brands—that share our passion and vision.

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