Omaha Jitterbugs Code of Conduct

Everyone is welcome at Omaha Jitterbugs events; any behavior that makes another person feel unwelcome or unsafe is not tolerated. Respect boundaries, seek consent, and be considerate. Report any problems, and we’ll take action to make it right.

  1.    EVERYONE IS WELCOME: Omaha Jitterbugs is dedicated to spreading the joy of swing music and dance to everyone. Just as jazz embodies the diversity of the American people, so too does Omaha Jitterbugs by welcoming all, without regard to age, gender, race, creed, color, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, gender identity/expression, social class, physical attribute, or ability. We will take every reasonable measure to ensure a safe, secure, and welcoming environment for all humans.
  1.    ZERO TOLERANCE FOR VIOLENCE OR HARASSMENT: Harassment or bullying of any kind is not tolerated; this includes negative or offensive comments related to any of the above, as well as inappropriate or unwanted contact or attention. If you harass, assault, or stalk any of our patrons or fail to comply with the code of conduct, we will take any action we deem necessary, from requesting you rectify your behavior to asking you to leave the event immediately without refund, banning you from all Omaha Jitterbugs events, or calling law enforcement.
  1.    CONSENT, SAFETY, AND RESPECT: Anyone may ask anyone to dance, and everyone has a right to freely choose; we don’t trick, coerce, guilt, shame, stalk, pity, threaten, or bully someone into dancing. Ideally a “yes” should be explicit and enthusiastic: anything less means “no.” The best way to decline a dance is by clearly and directly saying, “No, thank you.” Once you have agreed to a dance, you both still retain the right to stop the dance at any time for any reason. If your partner is causing you pain or discomfort, stop the dance immediately and let her/him know; “that hurts,” or “I don’t like that.” If you’re unsure if you should lead a move, always ask for consent, even mid-dance. Save aerials for competitions and jam circles; lifts or flips on the social dance floor are dangerous.
  1. NO DRUGS, WEAPONS, OR OUTSIDE DRINKS: We have a strict drug-free, weapon-free, and no-outside-drinks-of-any-kind policy. The Eagle’s Aerie provides a full bar downstairs for adults twenty-one and over. If you find that alcohol consumption makes it harder for you to follow the rules, please abstain while you remain. If you may have overdone it, please ask for help.
  1. ALL-AGES: We strive to create an environment that is safe for everyone, but Jitterbugs’ Night Out is generally not an appropriate event for very small children. For the safety of your children and other dancers, we encourage you to only bring persons under the age of 10 to our daytime events and our designated “Family Nights.”
  1.    THANK YOU FOR KEEPING THIS SPACE SAFE: All patrons are responsible for their own behaviors and for helping keep good behavior the norm by encouraging those around them to make good choices, and reporting or addressing bad behavior. If you have a question or a problem, talk to us. We will treat sensitive issues with confidentiality. Your courage in coming forward can keep incidents from being repeated. On the other hand, if you have some wonderful things to say about your experience, tell everyone you meet.
Omaha Jitterbugs