Dance with Omaha Jitterbugs!

From weekly social dancing to annual festivals, you always have a reason to swing with Jitterbugs. Check out our main social events below. 

Jitterbugs’ Night Out

Swing dancing every Friday night.

Classes & Workshops

Lindy in the Park

Summer, Gene Leahy Mall.

Cowtown Jamborama

Annual Omaha Jazz & Swing Dance Festival

Why Omaha Jitterbugs?

It’s easy to try.

Swing dance is for everyone! You can start anytime at our weekly Friday lesson and dance, where learning is easy, affordable, and fun.

It’s a welcoming community.

Meet new people and find community in Omaha and around the world. Social dances, rotating classes, and worldwide events foster serendipitous connections.

It’s life-changing.

Our programs nourish the human spirit. Health improves, confidence boosts, and people grow. Nowhere else can you find creativity, exercise, social connection, and fun all in one place.

Ready to give it a try?

Come to Jitterbugs’ Night Out, our weekly event!

Omaha Jitterbugs