Cowtown Jamborama

Omaha Jazz & Swing Dance Festival

Cowtown Jamborama is a festival of swing dancing and music organized by and for the Omaha, NE, swing dance community. Omaha Jitterbugs invites dancers and non-dancers from around the region to join us as we celebrate and explore the history, community, and art of swing dance with workshops, contests, performances, live music, and dance parties.

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World Renowned Instructors

We bring in the best dance instructors from around the world.

Live Music

Dances on Friday and Saturday nights with live music.

Workshops for Absolute Beginners

Never Lindy Hopped before? No problem!

Schedules to Fit Your Needs

Come for the whole weekend or pick and choose workshops and events.

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Watch some of the best regional dancers compete . . . or sign yourself up!

The Best Dance Floors in Omaha

They don’t build floors like these any more!

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Teaching the Next Generation

Through grants from the Nebraska Arts Council and Nebraska Humanities, we can bring our Jamborama instructors to local elementary schools to teach swing dancing and history to students.

Come for the Dancing. Stay for the Corn.

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Omaha Jitterbugs