Media Release

Attendees, volunteers, staff, and contractors at Omaha Jitterbugs events will be documented in photographs, video, and audio recordings for the purpose of promoting Omaha Jitterbugs events, programs, and mission in print, television, and online media. Omaha Jitterbugs reserves the right to use any photographs or videos obtained in this manner to promote the mission of the organization including but not limited to branded solicitations.

Omaha Jitterbugs will not sell, share, or distribute these videos or photographs for any other purpose or to promote any other products, businesses, or organizations without first asking for the express permission of subjects.

Omaha Jitterbugs will seek express permission before publishing any individuals name, age, or other identifiable info in connection with the photographs.

Please contact us directly if you are displeased with the use of your image; Omaha Jitterbugs will make a best effort to quickly respond and comply with any requests to cease use of these media.

Omaha Jitterbugs