November 3, 2006 billy

This just in from Daddy K:

Hi friends — election season is upon us, but why not cast your vote a few days early, for something that’s actually FUN!?!?

With enough votes, your favorite Cats will be nominated for the Omaha Entertainment Awards Show to be held at the Holland Center in January ’07. It’s a big-time awards show for Omaha-area artists, and we’d appreciate your support to help us crash the party.

Rock the vote! The deadline is THIS SUNDAY, NOV 5! You can either vote online…

Or via a paper ballot at any of these locations…

All you need to do is write “Prairie Cats” under the “Live Music” section, in whichever categories you feel we’re deserving. There’s no “swing” category, so we’d suggest you write us in under both “BLUES” and “JAZZ,” and perhaps “ROCK” if you think we rock enough for ya!

While you’ve got the ballot in front of you, why not write in some of your other favorite area artists as well, before you click “enter?” They ALL need your support.

Thanks for your vote! We’re Prairie Cats, and we approved this message…

~The Cats

So…show your love for Omaha’s hardest hitting swing band! This is one ballot that you know can make a difference!


Omaha Jitterbugs