March 12, 2020 billy

Dear Jitterbugs, 

We have been following the Coronavirus pandemic very closely. Safety and health are of utmost importance to all of us. Unfortunately the time has come for a difficult but necessary step as we implement social distancing measures to slow the spread of the virus. Tomorrow, Friday, March 13, 2020, we will close Jitterbugs’ Night Out and remain closed throughout the month of March. 

At this moment, I do not know if Jitterbugs’ Night Out will be closed beyond March, or what we will do regarding our Monday and Wednesday night classes. It depends on many factors that we will be looking at over the next few days and weeks.

I have no doubt that this is upsetting, but I just can’t stand the idea of Omaha Jitterbugs being complicit in enabling the virus to spread amongst a community of people I love, admire and respect.  I have made this decision alongside our board of directors, other community leaders and health experts. 

This decision and these steps will be hard on all of us, and will have a detrimental effect on Omaha Jitterbugs bottom-line. I’m asking you, our jitterbug community, to continue supporting Omaha Jitterbugs during this time, even though we aren’t getting together for our Friday events, so that we can continue to pay the bills and come out swinging at the other end of this whole episode. Please consider a donation of $5, $10, $20, or $50 to help us through this tough time. 


Billy Sobczyk

Executive Director

Omaha Jitterbugs


Omaha Jitterbugs