December 13, 2007 billy

Jive stands for Jitterbugs Investing Volunteer Efforts. JIVE members are responsible for a lot of the behind the scenes work at Jitterbugs’ events. From set up and clean up of the Eagles Lodge to refilling the water jugs when they are low, JIVE helps keep Omaha Jitterbugs running.

We are asking for more volunteers than ever before as we have a special JIVE only contest that will run in the month of January. Grand prize – $50 Jitterbucks! Good for classes, workshops, national event weekends, and even just entrance to the weekly dances.

To sign up for JIVE and find out what this great opportunity entails…
E-mail Becki at

Put JIVE in the title of the e-mail, then add:
Name (first and last, please)
Date of Birth
Snail Mail Address
Phone Number & Can You Be Texted?

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