Thank you for your interest in JIVE

(Jitterbugs Investing Volunteer Efforts)

    Which roles are you interested in learning more about?

    Jitterbugs Night Out - Held every Friday night

    Marketing Team — most of this work would occur during the week/weekend and not on Friday nights


    Benefits of being an active JIVE member (volunteering an average of 2 shifts per month)

    • $2 off admission to JNO when it is at regular price
    • Free Admission to Jitterbugs’ Night out on the night that you are on the volunteer schedule
    • When you work a shift, you will receive a free pass to a Jitterbugs’ Night Out to use at another time
    • JIVE Discount (33%) for Jitterbug Jamborama, Rhythm Weekend, and other workshop events, AND ALL WEEKLY CLASSES.
    • Exclusive JIVE-only dance class at each workshop weekend event
    • Access to DJ training, teacher training, leadership training
    • A unique opportunity to work alongside generous and creative souls who share your enthusiasm for swing dancing.
    Omaha Jitterbugs