Okay Folks, Thanks so much for agreeing to be a part of this project. Below I’ve posted the schedule for videotaping. Before I get to the content of the videos, a couple orders of business.

  1. Try to arrive a bit early so we can keep everything rolling (although one never knows how long each person may end up taking), so thank you for your patience with all of this.
  2. Dress nice.
  3. If there is someone who you’d like to bring along to help you tell your story, perhaps a friend or family member that is also a part of your story, please do. We’d love that.

Our goal is to tell the story of Omaha Jitterbugs, which is a story composed of all the stories of the individual people who make Omaha Jitterbugs special. So, I’ve put together a short list of questions, not all of which will apply to you. I’d like to invite you to choose the question or two that best apply to you and your experience with Omaha Jitterbugs and get back with me. let me know what question you chose and a summary of your response to that question. During taping, I’ll ask you the question and perhaps a few follow up questions to help you tell your story. The thread that we’d like to see unite these stories is something that makes Omaha Jitterbugs (or it’s events) special either to you personally, or more broadly to the Omaha community. Perhaps your personal story isn’t so much about the events, but what they represent, like how you met your friends or the love of your life or discovered something about yourself.

Here’s some questions . Pick one or two to help you shape your Omaha Jitterbugs testimonial.

  • Talk about something that makes Omaha Jitterbugs or its events unique or special.
  • Talk about something unique that Omaha Jitterbugs adds to the Omaha community.
  • Talk about a meaningful relationship (connections) you’ve formed through Omaha Jitterbugs.
  • Talk about Omaha Jitterbugs role in the growth of your relationship with dance or music.
  • Talk about the unique interactions with others that dancing has enabled.
  • How does swing dancing make you feel? What is it about swing dancing that brings out so many different emotions?
  • Talk about something you learned from swing dancing that has had a positive impact on some other part of your life.
  • Are you transformed by the music or the dancing? Describe the transformation.
  • Do you have any favorite memories about Omaha Jitterbugs that illustrate a sense of joy or interconnectedness?

If you need help finding the place or you have any questions regarding time, location, what to wear, what to say, please call us for help. Lindsay’s cell phone is 402-670-3598. This may be your best option the weekend of filming. If calling before that, you can try Billy or Lindsay at home 402-208-3006.

7:15 PM
7:30 PMPete Madsen
7:45 PM
8:00 PM
8:15 PM
8:30 PM
10:00 AMNate WoodhamsJacquelyn Baudhuin home
554 S 35th AVE
park on the street.
come to the back door.
10:15 AMNate, Christy, Billy, Lindsay, Josie
10:30 AMChristy Palmer
10:45 AMBilly & Lindsay Sobczyk
11:00 AMMary KW & Jonathan Gombas
11:15 AMEric Adamshick
11:30 AMRoxanne Nielsen
11:45 AM
12:00 PMRachel Fortney & Ben Peet
12:15 PMKara Penniston
12:30 PMSharon Allgaier
12:45 PMSarah & Rob Meyers
1:00PMJacquelyn Baudhuin
1:15PMNate Hindman
8:30 AMJosie & Brian LangbehnJacquelyn Baudhuin home
554 S 35th AVE
park on the street.
come to the back door.
8:45 AM
9:00 AMRuth Bahr
9:15 AMChristmas Griffin
9:30 AMCecily Zdan
9:45 AMTodd Shelbourn
10:00 AMSusanna & Greg Clinton
10:15 AMAdam Cornish & Diana Larsen
10:30 AMMaggie McReynolds
10:45 AM
11:00 AMJoe Davis
11:15 AMTakashi Oda
11:30 AMSarah Smith


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