November 23, 2006 billy

The Prairie Cats will be performing live for us tomorrow night at Jitterbugs Night Out, so admission will be $7.00 per person instead of $5.00. As always when we have live music and other special events, we’d like to encourage you to dress up a little more than usual. Dressing up for Friday night is a great way to leave the rest of the week behind you!

At the dance you will be able to buy your $15.00 advance tickets for Swingin’ a Star, the Omaha Food Bank fund-raiser that the Prairie Cats and Omaha Jitterbugs are putting on December 6th at Club Nico. Here’s a link to Nate’s original blog entry announcement, as well as a link to the promo flyer.

I’d also like to remind you that Nate and Christy are teaching a Balboa Moves workshop prior to the dance at 7:00 p.m. The workshop is $15.00 per person, and includes admission to the dance afterwards.

Omaha Jitterbugs