January 11, 2007 billy

I added a bunch of new links over to the right. Links to every Omaha Dance calendar I could find (except for DC Centre, I didn’t even check to see if they had one). I also added links on where to find live music. Especially worth noting is Chris Cook’s live jazz calendar. Included in the list of live music is the Blue Moon String Quartet. While they’re not jazz or swing dance music, they are the band that played for our wedding last summer, and the bandleader Greg and his wife Susanna are big supporters of the jitterbugs, and both are current sitting board members, so I thought they deserved a shout out as well.

Also new over there you’ll find more photos, more blogs, more of everything. If you need me to add something or take something down, please email me at billy at jitterbugs dot org.

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