Omaha Jitterbugs Mask Requirement

September 23, 2021

When the CDC recommended wearing masks again, and as the number of positive cases rose throughout July and August, Omaha Jitterbugs adopted a Mask Requirement for the month of September.  Omaha Jitterbugs is extending the mask requirement and will consider removing it when the Douglas County Transmission Risk Indicator ( moves from “High” down to “Substantial” or lower.

What does the Mask Requirement mean?

  • Masks are required for all indoor Omaha Jitterbugs events.  Suitable masks must fit snugly, and cover the nose. If you do not have a mask, we will have disposable ones available at the front desk. 
  • All guests and volunteers are required to wear suitable masks when entering and moving about the venue. For example, if moving about the space (e.g., headed towards the restroom, dancing, etc,) a face mask must be worn. If you are seated at a table, you may remove your mask.
  • If you are not following the above mask requirements, you may be asked to leave. 



Why did we instate an Omaha Jitterbugs Mask Requirement?

The Nebraska Association of Local Health Directors (NALD) has made these recommendations (see illustration).

Our venue has not been crowded and we use air purifiers.


  • we are indoors 
  • we cannot guarantee guests are symptom-free 
  • we do not keep 6-feet distance when dancing together 
  • we do not require guests to show proof of vaccination.

When cases in Douglas County were low during June and July, we were comfortable with not requiring masks.

Now that the Douglas County Health Department has categorized the COVID-19 Transmission Rate as “High,” Omaha Jitterbugs is concerned about possible COVID spread at Omaha Jitterbugs indoor events.

When will we discontinue the Omaha Jitterbugs Mask Requirement?

We will consider discontinuing when the COVID-19 Transmission Risk in Douglas County moves down from “High” to “Substantial” or lower.



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