JAMBORAMA – Jazz & Swing Dance Festival

LEVEL 1: This is an introductory level track geared toward those with little or no experience. Don’t worry about bringing a partner, we will be rotating in class.

LEVEL 2: Dancer is comfortable dancing Lindy at medium tempos, has taken some classes, and regularly attends social dances. You are comfortable with fundamental Lindy basics: swing outs, tuck turns, and basic Charleston; basic swing rhythms: triples, steps, and holds; and regularly integrate 6 and 8 count patterns. You are ready to add more variation to your repertoire.

Audition is required for Level 3 and Level 4 classes. Auditions ensure that you’re taking classes with other dancers of a similar level, helping you get the most you possibly can out of the weekend. We promise they’ll be quick and low-pressure. Bring your energy and enthusiasm and just have fun! Auditions will be Saturday morning at 9:15am at the Eagles Ballroom.

LEVEL 3: (Audition) Dancer is comfortable with dancing to a variety of tempos and has started to travel to events outside of their home scene. You are starting to explore other genres outside of Lindy, including many styles of Charleston, Shag, Balboa, and Authentic Jazz movement. Concepts like connection, communication, and musicality are important to you, and you understand the importance of continuing to develop and refine these skills.

LEVEL 4: (Audition) Dancer is comfortable with all tempos and is familiar with a variety of dance styles. You incorporate Charleston, Balboa, Authentic Jazz, Shag, and Blues movement into your dancing in response to what you hear in the music. Musicality, creativity,personal expression, and improvisation are all important concepts to you, and you have traveled extensively to learn from a variety of instructors.

RHYTHM WEEKEND – Omaha Tap Dance Festival

ABSOLUTE BEGINNER classes are for individuals who have recently started dancing or are tap-curious. These classes will be on Saturday only.

ADVANCED BEGINNER classes are designed for students of any age with 1-4 years of tap experience and who are ready to grow their tap skills in a supportive professional environment.

INTERMEDIATE classes are designed for students of any age with 4-8 years of experience dancing. These classes are geared toward dancers who wish to take their training to the next level, adding complex rhythms, dynamics and improvisation.

ADVANCED classes are geared toward seasoned tap dancers, professionals, and teachers who have significant tap experience. Sessions may include technique, choreography and improvisation.